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Why workplace bullying complaints are serious?

Although workplace bullying is not actionable under current law, it is critical that employers investigate these claims, because an investigation may reveal that the workplace bullying was motivated by discriminatory animus. A majority of lawsuits that stem from workplace bullying are brought pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and include allegations of race, gender, national origin or religious discrimination. An employer may be liable for employee bullying in a subsequent discrimination or harassment lawsuit if the plaintiff employee demonstrates a nexus between membership in a protected class (i.e., race) and the mistreatment.

Isn’t HR supposed to take care of this?

Human Resources(HR) department is often multi-tasking and may not have enough bandwidth or resources to give enough attention to bullying complaints. They also may not have properly trained to handle such cases.
In some cases the bully may be holding a powerful position or working with the company much longer than the victim. Even if HR tries to conduct an unbiased investigation the victim may(quite understandably) feel helpless & lose hopes of getting any justice.

How we can help?

We specialize in handling bullying complaints. We can guide or offload HR from handling the complaint and approach HR only when necessary. Also being a 3rd party we are free from any bias or influence, which is reassuring for the victim.


A preliminary fact-finding exercise/assessment of the complaint. In this stage we will gather all factual data pertaining to the complaint.

Conducting Investigation

This is a multi step process. This will involve written statement of facts from both complaining employee and the alleged harasser, followed by interviews. We’ll also assess how this has affected the complaining employee.

Post-Investigation Report

We’ll present our findings to HR that will include our insights based on the available data, impact on employee and any gaps in policy that resulted in this complaint.


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Disclaimer: We do not offer any legal or psychiatric advice.