Workplace bullying at a Senior Living Facility

I worked with the kitchen/dining staff. was a busboy/food runner/tray service from 2005-2008.

Hired in my senior year in high school to work with dining/kitchen staff. I wish they didn’t hire me or fired me fast. I am short, was mentally ill and didn’t take care of myself until my mid 20s, which made me a target for the low lives that worked here. Dealt with tons of discrimination and harassment.

It was bad in high school but kids are kids and i was bad too. The real junk began a little after high school when I switched to morning-afternoon shifts. The coworkers were a lot better but still a few low lives to deal with, especially when the high school kids leaked over from the evening shifts. I worked hard and when i worked with the scumbag losers they took advantage and made me do most of the work.

I forgot as much as i remember my time here but i know i got at least two death threats before my last year. I deserved some stuff for how I was but I dealt with too much for mostly nothing.

My last 3-4 months I had a meltdown in my life and quit without warning but i did call and leave a message. I got terrible at my job and lost my mind so i don’t know why they didn’t fire me then. Any other employer would.

No problem with the residents and the manager was ok but he did hire these idiots. Hopefully their hiring process is a lot better to screen out the useless idiots.



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