Are anonymous employee feedback surveys really anonymous?

I’ve been working for this company for 2.5 years now and getting bad treatment from my new boss who on boarded six months ago. He talks disrespectfully, undermines and insults me all the time in front of my colleagues. So when I saw email for anonymous employee feedback survey, I thought it’s a great opportunity to voice my concerns. So I wrote all the incidents of mistreatment & unprofessional behavior in that survey. And I waited. I thought the company will take some steps to stop this unprofessional behavior. But to my surprise my manager one day came to my desk, took me to a meeting room & literally scolded me for 20 minutes saying how dare you write such bad feedback about me. Those 20 minutes have been the most humiliating moments in my life. I felt pure betrayal. This anonymous survey was supposed to be a safe way to voice my concern, yet somehow my manager knew I wrote it and he used it as a weapon to further humiliate me. when I did one on one with my boss’s boss she said my boss could’ve found out by the way I right. really? is this how you shrug it off?
I don’t know about my future in this company, but I’ve lost trust in the so called “anonymous” employee feedback.



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