Why I got into trouble for telling the truth in employee feedback survey?

My job was going extremely well, till the time I figured out that my company has signed half a million-dollar contract with my manager’s friend’s company. After the contract was signed, I asked my manager why we didn’t get quotes from other vendors. My manager didn’t give me a frank answer. Instead my manager started giving me hard time. So in the employee feedback survey I raised the flag to investigate this matter. But my manager’s manager, HR and everybody got against me and they made my life hell.
I do not want to leave my company since I have just 10 years left for my retirement. I’ve hired a lawyer for myself and my lawyer advised I should not leave company and let them fire me. I know I am a good worker, but they are not letting me work in peace.
I feel pathetic now that I raised my voice to speak the truth. Now I am in a state of flux and my health is getting affected. I’m having anxiety attacks.
I think I paid for being truthful. If I had just ignored the truth and kept quiet maybe my life could’ve been slightly better. Did I do the right thing by speaking truth in employee feedback survey?



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