Workplace Bullying

Have you ever experienced being bullied? I have. Those were some of the worst days of my life.
Who was it? My manager. An otherwise sane adult with kids.
None of my team members came to my help. Not only because they were afraid but they had no clue what bullying really was. Not that if they knew what it was, they would have been gifted with the insight needed to recognize it happen. Believe me, bullying is such a salient feature of everyday life, it may be happening to you right now, this very moment, and you would have been taking it for granted all this while, brushing it off with a part-of-life kinda attitude. But whatever! The ignorance of my team members was the dry grass that fired my bully’s courage all the more. And every morning, I stepped into the office, a shiver of fear crawling up my spine, for there was someone in there bent on burning the one beautiful forest in my life.
Thankfully those days didn’t last long.
For I quit that miserable job and found another one.
Along with, I found… myself!
My life.
And a reason to live it.
Now I am one with you ALL.
Let’s get together and
BOO the bully!



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