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Do not suffer in silence. You are not alone.
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Help us stop bullying

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Our mission is to educate people by encouraging and supporting them to stand up against bullying. Alone is difficult, united we are strong. Let’s come together to stand up for someone whom you think has been treated wrong. We are reaching out to schools and corporates to offer our services like ballot boxes, anti-bullying campaigns and talks from psychologists.

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How I was bullied 33 years ago

At 65, I am living my relaxed, retired days, happy and enjoying my life in my family. I worked for 33 years as a teacher in the then only English medium school in the town, & hence an indispensable one. Now, when I look back on my early days of service in the...

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Fear is infectious but so is courage, what would you choose?

Fear is infectious but so is courage, what would you choose?

Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed courage to speak up against discrimination and fought for civil rights. He did this despite personal attacks and constant resistance because it was the “right” thing to do. So a true tribute to him would be to stop suffering silently and say no to bullying, because it’s the “right” thing to do.

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Why Bullying Is Killing Kids: National Stop Bullying Day

The last moments of Channing Smith’s life had to have been more hellish than most of us can begin to fathom. The 16-year-old had told almost no one that he was bisexual — not his parents and not his classmates in his rural Tennessee community. Some kids got ahold of screenshots of what he thought was a private conversation with another boy at his school and outed him on social media.